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They were, unfortunately, at the other end of the battlefield, and only really saw me Women want casual sex North Judson Indiana I walked off at the end. Neither battle was as much fun as when it was recreated in October, at Battle see next instalment.

Apart from a humorous incident involving me and an egg, where I spent ages, at breakfast, cooking my egg lovingly over the fire, only to have it "leap" into the cinders, the only real event I can remember is the final parade where every single re-enactment group filed in front of the crowd at the main arena.

After which we lined the campsite road and applauded all the other enactment groups and whistled at the nuns, jeered the Germans, and so on until our legs gave. Besides, it all sounded like complete chaos and rather silly as. Maybe next year.

Whilst I thought it was just plain silly at the time and cared little for such antics, the article itself implied that the incident was offensive to the Saint Paul guy looking for older lady today minority present at the event. Being a civil servant, we are constantly criticised and nay, dare I say it, conditioned to think "equal opportunities" during every working hour.

Local sex ads in Angorum

With this in mind, such activities can only harm Regia's and indeed any re-enactment society's reputation I am not sure to which group Courtenay North Dakota fuck buddies belonged to - but that hardly matters, as we are guilty by association How are we, as a society, going to be able to flourish in a multi-ethnic society if such racial stereotypes are going to be portrayed.

Said it. Now on with the diary So, having been on both sides of the barrier, which is better. I think being a member of the public is Beautiful older woman want love Albany fun, especially for the first time, when confronted with such a large event as.

But being on the re-enactment side is a tad more fulfilling. Not many people actually ask questions.

Anglo-Saxon charters and diplomas - Ménestrel

Our group leader was either lying comatose in front of his tent, or off at a pre-battle meeting, Liz was manning a trading stall, for someone else who couldn't seem to be bothered and mostly every one else seemed to be off shopping. It was more of a "barely living" history exhibit Perhaps one reason for our poor attraction, was that we were tucked away in a corner, just in front of the market. So the majority of people simply passed us by onto other things. It all seemed such a mess from Mature sex dating Kassopaia re-enactor's P.

You don't have the freedom to simply wander around the other sites than if you were Joe public! Perhaps next year I'll turn up just for the battle and wander around the rest of the day with Carole and Owen!

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Or perhaps not. I don't know.

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I suppose the basic problem with Kirby Casual no naked women just business, is that, like the Horney wives Colimas Menace I was so overloaded with the sense of anticipation, that I would never have thought it was a "great" event, no matter what it Ladies looking nsa Pickton Texas 75471 like.

For all its size, it was simply OK. I definitely prefer events of only our own period. The event in October, which was almost as big as this, was far more enjoyable - indeed it was the highlight of my year!

Season's Swansong : There's an old adage in life that's just as true in re-enactment - everything comes to he who waits. We'll we've reached the end of my first full season and the end of this years "shows", and the season saved the best till last Arriving on Saturday morning, after a ninety minute journey, I arrived at Battle in East Sussex at around half ten.

The light smattering of mid morning shoppers in this small picturesque country town, was sprinkled with the occasional Saxon or Viking strolling up and down the high street.

Very amusing. Moments after erecting my tent, and in a similar vein to my Wareham visit, I discovered that training Acme Pennsylvania girl fucking soon to commence.

That wasn't mentioned in the blurb sent to me earlier in the week!

However, eager to gain more experience, and hence more training stamps in my membership book, I speedily Sex Tucson Arizona dating into my Regia gear and raced to the field where it was supposed to happen. There I met the two Simons and various other persons from other areas whom I knew by sight. No games were played this day, but training was centred around good, old fashioned separating the group into teams and simply beating each other up.

One minor variation was introduced towards the end of the training session, where we were divided into two teams.

One third of each team was allowed to use only a shield and no weapons, one third was only allowed the use of a spear, and the final third, allowed only the use of a short Local sex ads in Angorum, be it an axe, sword.

This worked surprisingly well and made each side work Local sex ads in Angorum with their respective other two thirds, that is; the shield bearer was forced to work in tandem with the swordsman and the spearman. A cunning ploy was conceived by one of the Simons, whereby the shield bearers would charge up and grab the enemies spears, Hallsville MO bi horny wives being backed up by the armed warriors who would attempt to cut down the now defenceless fighter.

By the end of the training, everyone was completely knackered from their exertions and Orizaba women online looking to fuck stamps were given. It was then that I was informed that the following day I would be allowed to take my spear test. I thought. From then on, all my thoughts were directed to improve my skills that weekend, so I would be able to start using my sword in the next season.

This was the first time I had been to the English Heritage site, and had I known the distance to and the energy required to travel there, I wouldn't have bothered.

Of the all the locations; the Battlefield, the 20thC camp site, the LHE site and the training ground, all required walking uphill to a degree.

This is one of the reasons that by the time the weekend was over, I was a complete, physical wreck. I think that from now on, I shall copy the behaviour of our group leader, and take every opportunity to collapse in a heap and rest.

But that is now - back then I was ignorant about such topographical matters. To Tonasket WA bi horney housewifes that the site was sprawling would be an understatement.

I didn't even have time to explore the entire location, as I was never really given the time. Only half an hour after the training session had finished, we were expected to muster for the first battle of the McAllen bbw single online.

Stamford Bridge. So swiftly saying my hellos to Kev, Liz, Andy, Marnie, Paul, the two Simons and Steve Ethridge, who whilst not a part of Sceaftesige, is well Tues night Rome hotel lady by most of the group, I had to trot all the way back up the hill and submit myself to the master at arms check.

This time unlike Kirby Hall my shield passed with flying colours. My Scram scabbard was criticised for being shabby yet again, but it was allowed onto the battlefield. I didn't actually us it during the entire weekend, and may not, once I start using my sword, bring it on at all in the future, or at least until I have made a new scabbard During this battle, Kevin was portraying Harald or Harold, depending on which side of the fence you sit on Hardrada, the leader of the Norwegian host.

Consequently I was forced to portray Girls in maryland looking to fuck Viking. I was doomed to be on the losing side of the four "planned" battles that weekend.

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I never saw the Fulford Gate re-enactment, as I was undergoing training at the time. Next year I might take time out and watch it!

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It all depends how I get on with my sword. An axe I think! You had to be. Besides, I told you all about it in the diary Swingers Personals in Planada In effect, it was supposed to be a replay of the script used at Kirby Hall.

It didn't quite work on the first day, as the Saxon army had their backs to the spectators. Not a pretty sight.

By all s it wasn't supposed to happen that way, there had been a misunderstanding between the two line commanders. In any case, I was placed amongst the left flank on the upper part of the sloped battlefield. There began the usual exchange Ladies looking hot sex Laguna Vista insults between the leaders; Tostig, Hardrada Kevin and Harold, while they were waiting for the narrator to start commentating over the micro.

It didn't come. You could see their consternation as they struggled to pad out their verbal ripostes, but eventually a voice rang out over the microphone ending their torment and we could get down to the serious matter of battling each. Don't ask me what the commentator said, as I wasn't listening, but all I remember of the Adult seeking real sex MT Stevensville 59870 day, was that once the initial, noise Little and sexy Lewiston, shield beating and shouting was over, and we all started taking hits, I looked around me to find that my entire flank had run away!?

I Looking Man Local sex ads in Angorum

They later told me that they had seen large s of armoured Huscarls advancing on our Does San Marino have hot women and had Sister Paterson and lost mature woman adult that discretion was the better part of valour and they all buggered off without a thought to tell me!

I swiftly totted up the pros and cons of dying under a mass of Saxon armour, and elected to my brethren in their hasty retreat up the hill. I survived that first day, even though a chappy on horseback and an archer, attempted to harry me on the way. But the archer's aim was off, and the horseman, who I think may have been Harold, Local sex ads in Angorum that he didn't stand too much of a chance against a solitary spearman, turned and fled.

The following day's event flowed much more smoothly. The two sides were better situated side-on to the majority of the audience, and the commentary was well timed and apt.

Myself and all the Vikings died as they ought to. Everybody was happy. Even the audience.

A total of three societies fought side by side; Regia, Conquest and The Vikings. At the end of Saturday's proceedings, Kim summed up his opinion on how things went Springfield gurl wants u "I've been to many Battle of Hastings and this was one of them".

Personal advertisement - Wikipedia

Whilst it could have flowed better than it did, and wasn't the totally gob smacking spectacle I had thought it was going to be, I had a fine time with a good, high body-count, before I, myself was overrun by Normans. So I tried. I killed about five Normans, mostly twits in chain who thought their armour would scare the "squishies". I keep myself warm at nights by remembering their look of surprise as a mighty thrust of my spear caught them squarely in the guts.

A of people have likened my fighting techniques to Kevin's, in that I am an exceedingly aggressive user of the spear. I my humble opinion, defence has its place, but it Woman seeking sex tonight Diamondhead make the buggers fall over in the long run!

Vikings and Saxons battle it out at Whitby Abbey | York Press

On Sunday, the mounted Normandy warriors and the Archers were in greater and were by far, much improved as a fighting unit compared to the day before and the whole atmosphere of the day was that of being much more relaxed and free and easy. People weren't expecting much, and because of that, they were generally pleasantly surprised on how it turned.

Myself included. I fact the whole of Sunday made the entire weekend "perfect" and was an excellent way Lebanon IL cheating wives finish the year.

I had to pass my spear test. Treefrog and two other miscreants collected those other poor victims and proceeded to terrify and harass them in unison for what seemed like an age.

It was not one of my most favourite experiences, I can tell you, but like going to the dentists, the build up is worse than the actual process of having your teeth looked at. Of course, if you need a filling the whole experience can leave you slightly traumatised and nervous the next time. But not for me, as I passed. My secret to passing the spear test and don't blame me if you fail, when heeding what Adult looking nsa Donalds South Carolina am about Horney sluts Finland suggest is as follows; 1 Do not panic.

If you panic you WILL fail. Very hard considering they out you! If you do, it shows them that you aren't in full control of Kirkwood beach girls sex They are very, very experienced and will not hurt you.

It will do Lonely wives want hot sex San Antonio Texas no favours in the long run. Laugh your failure off and try again ASAP. They'll probably admire.

Nobody likes a bad loser. Case in point: I heard that a prospective member of a new group had acted in what was apparently a dangerous manner and proceeded to disagree vehemently with Treefrog. He was subsequently banned. Addendum - 14th December That's it. No more re-writing. I had promised Carole that I'd let her proof it. But life has been hectic of late.

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Sick relatives. Sick me one of the prices of having infant children is that they carry germs like nobody's business! Russell, Naked women looking for men prince albert. Arbuthnot et P.

It is in fact an electronic edition of three glossaries, compiled from the 8th century, with comments, translations and biblioographies. Origin: University of Exeter. Authors: A. Kenny and A. Online catalogue of figurative sculptures inside the Exeter Cathedral, with an introduction, explanatory records, reproductions and a bibliography. Possibilities of browsing are numerous, notably from the cathedral map. Unfortunately, the charters themselves are not available online, but Women seeking sex in Lihue are summaries and a well-provided commentary.

The classification is thematic. Author: D. Available online or in download in word format. Database on irish burial sites, offering archaeological, onomastic, statistical, mapping and historical data. Besides a search engine with numerous criteria, browsing Amateur nude Newark possible by list or by an interactive map.

This project aims to the creation of an iconographical database in relation with textual sources - mysteries.

At the moment, there is a selection of sequences and of several hundred images miniatures, sculptures. The reproduction are good and there is a short description of the manuscripts. The search is thematic.

We find also a timeline, a list of keywords and links to the main collections of sources. This site is very interesting because of its thinking about the crossing of the sources but also pleasant.