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Girls who fuck China - Hong Kong

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Yet despite a historic police ban of the year tradition, on the very first day of the implementation of these unprecedentedly oppressive laws, the streets still exploded in deafening demonstrations which drowned out any s of celebration on the public holiday.

Girl toting blank card at 1 July protests. Photo: Stand News. Blank Lennon wall.

Photo: Screenshot But the most iconic banner in the forbidden march was one that brings tears rather than laughter, despite its deliberate use of colloquial Cantonese.

These words are now being echoed all over Hong Kong, on social media, on newspapers, and in every freedom loving household.

Why are they so powerful? Because we really fucking love Hong Kong, we brave water cannons, pepper sprays and real bullets. Because we really fucking love Hong Kong, we will fight until freedom comes. Because Housewives seeking casual sex Scottsboro really fucking love Hong Kong, we fear no.

China, you can criminalise a sloganyou can criminalise flagsand you can even illegalise s. How will you be able to criminalise a Iowa women who like strapon fun. blank on a piece of paper?

How will you be able to criminalise our love for Hong Kong? You think you can silence us with fear, but we are a nation of descendants from the very refugees who built the legend of modern-day Hong Kong in defiance of fear. Hongkongers are the offspring of the dissenters that the Chinese Communist Party did not manage to kill off — the successors of those who rebelled against their tyrannical Dominate Elche woman.

Persecution has ever only made us grow. China, you forget that you are dealing with a nation of heroes.