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Edmonton gloryhole cum

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And we're comfortable maybe we can meet up for some off work hrs. You'll like .

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But there, it's nearly assured to be a male on the other. In bdsm Dungeons, in the same faceless, non-visual way, the same is true.

However, in bdsm, the point often is about genderlessness. It's about faceless sensation.

You absolutely don't know what gender might be. As with the example. It's a favourite power threat of Dommes.

So when I see people quoteable on here as saying, "I want a Glory Hole but no males sucking", it really contradicts the function of the barrier. How can you possibly know?

A Domme I was quite involved with was intent on teaching me to place passion above inhibition. Thus I was Need party people learn regard sensation before a gender bias. I fairly-to-very hetero, perhaps bi-curious. Maybe it's a cultural barrier.

I had placed a Hard Limit at sexual contact with males. At a dungeon we used to attend, that had monthly parties, one of the pieces of 'furniture' there was a black 'coffin box' you could be locked into, standing up, near a doorway to a part of the dungeon, well traveled. Just enough room, like a small closet.

Bbw 420 good times a glory hole. She loved to taunt me with that fixture as my next place to be at the party Had I ever been placed in the coffin glory hole, I thought it would be an interesting game - perhaps with rewards or penalties as the score - to be challenged to guess the sex of each next mouth or hand or person who plays with you. Voices couldn't be relied on, as there could be others right there observing.

A Dom male with his female or male slave sspectators