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The Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino will be Las Vegas’ first casino resort designed from the ground up to create an authentic Asian cultural and gaming experience.
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Lucky Dragon’s hospitality will be our shining achievement. Multicultural service and marketing staff will be familiar with the language and customs of our guests, ensuring an authentic and accommodating experience.

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Lucky Dragon's casino game mix will be heavily focused on popular games including Baccarat, Pai Gow, Fan Tan, and Sic Bo and will boast several Feng Shui designed private gaming parlors.

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There are four pillars to Lucky Dragon's authenticity. The first is our food. We will have several authentic restaurants and cafes ranging from noodle bars, to high-end dim sum, to tea cafés.

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Lucky Dragon will feature 206 relaxing rooms and a spa that combines China’s rich ancient culture with modern day luxury and amenities.

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Our project has been approved as an exemplar project by the USCIS. This has allowed us to receive I-526 approvals for some investors in less than 3 months, providing investors with a strong assurance they will quickly and reliably gain U.S. resident status.

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Lucky Dragon will be Las Vegas’ first casino resort designed from the ground up to create an authentic Asian cultural and gaming experience.

Las Vegas is a must visit city for international tourists, with 40 million visitors annually. With one of the most rapidly growing Asian populations, as well as earning $9.2 billion annually in gaming revenue, Las Vegas will be the perfect location for Lucky Dragon.